5 Facts about AVON
  1. Avon: Stand for Beauty, Innovation, Optimism & Women for 130 years.
  2. High Standard: World Class R&D Facilities & Global Regulations.
  3. One billion Corporate Social Responsibility: Spread Awareness on Breast Cancer & Domestic Violence.
  4. Over 1,700 products in Beauty & Other Categories.
  5. Number 1 Beauty Direct Seller in the world. Number 1 Brand for Fragrance and Intimate Wear in Malaysia.
Explore AVON franchise opportunity!
  • A chance to own a potential multi-million Ringgit business
  • Low starting capital with 100% consignment of goods to franchisees
  • Zero royalty for income schemes & incentive programs
  • Full support & guidance from Avon Sales & Franchise Team
  • The more you sell the more you earn


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