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1) What is Avon Brochures?

Avon comes out with 2 brochures monthly (as of 2018). The first brochure of the month is thicker and lasts for 1 whole month, starting from 1st until month end. The second brochure of the month is called Brochure AvonPlus and it works to boost your sale and gives you incentive to meet with your customers on the second half of the month. You can get your brochures at any Avon Beauty Boutiques when you join as a Representative, with every first purchase of the month on Avon Online or view it HERE

2) I want to buy Avon Brochures. Where can I buy and how much is it?

Please refer below for latest brochure prices (as of 2018):

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Brochure purchase is currently not available online. Kindly go to your neareast Avon Beauty Boutique to purchase your brochures.

3) What brochures do I get when I make an order online?

Every first order online, you will automatically receive brochures. Example:
i. Campaign 1 (1 - 15 January): You will receive 1 x C2 Brochure Plus and 1 x C3 Brochure
ii. Campaign 2 (16 - 31 January): You will receive 1 x  C3 Brochure
iii. Campaign 3 (1 - 15 February): You will receive 1 x C4 Brochure Plus and 1 x C5 Brochure
And so on.

4) What is Shop & Earn and how do I receive them?

Shop & Earn is an exclusive flyer just for Avon Representatives. This flyer consists of Demo offers, Meet & Win Challenges, Product Education and targetted information just for Avon Representatives. You can get Shop & Earn brochure at Avon Beauty Boutique.

Currently we do not send Shop & Earn brochure via online order.