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1) Can I return items that I purchased?

Avon accepts returns. Please refer our Returns Policy HERE to see what Return Reasons we accept and how to proceed with your return.

2) I bought from Avon Online. Can I return to Avon Beauty Boutique? Or Vice versa.

Avon Online is directly from Avon Headquarters while Avon Beauty Boutiques are our franchisees. Returns must be at respective channel. Items purchased online can only be returned by making an e-return request at your dashboard. Items purchased at Avon Beauty Boutique must be returned to the same Avon Beauty Boutique.

3) How long is the return period?

Your item is return-able within 1 month period of Order Date. Please make e-return before 1 month period is over. Once e-return is made, items need to be posted back to Agility Global Integrated Logistics (Avon Malaysia), NO. 10 (PT503) PERSIARAN SABAK BERNAM, SEKSYEN 26, 40400 SHAH ALAM, SELANGOR  within 3 - 7 working days for Avon to process your return.

4) What form is my return be refunded?

Avon will only refund in the form of credit to be utilized for your next purchase.